28.06.2008, CastleMania V

Skies Turn Red, Kings Of The Day, Sacred Sonic,
Superplex, Mission To Mars, Dawson's Crack, Oceans
Last Train Home, Longing For Tomorrow, Raise 1st.

23.06.2007, CastleMania IV

Mr. Anderson, Elinas, Skies Turn Red, In Vacation,
Development Disorder, Kings Of The Day,
Sideshow Bob, One Step Forward, Superplex,

26.08.2006, CastleMania III

Organic, Mr Anderson, Start A Revolution, Open Fire,
Skies Turn Red, Superplex, Viva A Tergo, Sub Divine,
Longing For Tomorrow, Stilecht,

18.06.2005, CastleMania II

Organic, The Die Is Cast, Mr. Anderson, Open Fire,
Revocar, Anthropologize Dead End Ticket,

17.07.2004, CastleMania I

New Noise Crisis, Mindless Tadpole, Jean-Pierre,
Jaques et Claudine,Open Fire, Dead End Ticket, Disturb.